Lost and Found

It’s very inspiring to hike around the rocks in full costume. Being in Langtry offers a respite like no other, a freedom from all that connects to the “outside world,” allowing for full investment with the artistic team. A week working in tandem on one another’s projects with permission to relax, focusing only on the art.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s work.   It may involve makeup and heels, but the backdrops are rugged and far from civilization, inviting all kinds of new challenges.

“Drunk Vegas” was a side shoot for the day.  Around the corner of the set, the make-up artist (and model) and I were giggling as we dug through her jewelry and costume pieces, faux leather pants, a playing card purse and stilettos that were not meant for walking on rocks.  This was her creative baby and we laughed more as she smudged my eye liner and applied fake lashes crooked.  I moved on to fixing my hair using a window pane as a mirror, pinning it randomly to stick up all over my head.  Stepping back to admire my work, I turned to the Photographer for approval, he chuckled.  

Walking to the location just beyond the house, I carried the stilettos in my hand and wore flip flops into the brush, tossing them back to the sidewalk as I climbed onto the propane tank.  The theme for the shoot was best friends who’d enjoyed Vegas a little too much and now had to find each other, and a way out of the barren land.  With no people in sight, they’d decided that selfies and a nap were in order. Well, and possibly squeezing every last drop out of the party.

By sunset, cellphones dead and bottle empty, they’d managed to find the road and begin the journey back to civilization, hand in hand they walked with unwavering faith for rescue and friendship.

A trip has yet to happen this year and I realized just how much I needed it the other day when I unloaded about a hundred ideas in rapid fire fashion onto a fellow creative.  The next day as I was apologizing he said, “You were on fire!”  “I’m sorry, I can explain,” I started, but he stopped me, “No, I know what it is.  You’ve been stuck in the dry, desolate land of the day to day without a break.”  Even though there are plenty of amazing characters here in Austin, they still don’t compare to the ones you imagine and cultivate in the desert. 

Viva la Langtry!