Artifacts of Human Trafficking

Artifacts is in its fourth year of traveling the United States!  We invite you to shine a light into the darkness through art and explore the pervasive sex trafficking industry in the United States through Artifacts of Human Trafficking, an installation created by Austin artist, Amie Stone King, with accompanying juried, 2-D mixed media works from artists around the world based on the themes of desperation, isolation and deceit.

A big thank you to Girl Scout Marillah K. for creating this wonderful curriculum for her Gold Award project! Visit our online exhibition with educational resources here!

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"Such a moving display!"

"Thank you for your information and education campaign!  People tend to take action if they know about issues."

"It's eye opening and haunting. I hope many will see this all over Texas and our country. We can't live in the shadows unaware while these girls are forced to." --Paul

"A wonderful reminder of the needs of
many."     --Unsigned

"Artifacts" is very thought provoking and very moving.  It very vividly portrays the helpless desperation caused by human trafficking without showing an actual person in the throes of such deprivation." --Frankie



There are just some things we don't talk about...

Amie Stone King

Interested in collage and installation art and trained in drama and art museum education, King’s works display a certain theatricality, inviting the viewer to not only look but to participate with mind, body and spirit.  King holds a BFA in Theatre and MA in Art Museum Education from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Check out our partner links to learn more about organizations around the world who are helping fight human trafficking. 

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